Adjustable Compression


VitalWrap™ is an adjustable compression wrap made for the treatment of lower limb medical conditions. Its design makes self-management easy for patients. Uniquely, woven compression is consistent and long-lasting, even after multiple uses and washes. Its structure is naturally breathable, which is more comfortable for sensitive skin. In addition to white and black, the VitalWrap™ in denim offers patients a fashionable alternative.

  • Compression ranges from Class II (20 mmHG–30 mmHG) to Class III (30 mmHG–40 mmHG)
  • Made from cotton, recycled polyester, and elastane

Design performance:

  • VitalWrap™ is the only elastic compression wrap made with woven compression technology.
  • In testing with other reusable compression wrap designs, the VitalWrap™ maintained compression longer and delivered more beneficial pressure than knitted compression wear.


  • VitalWrap™ is a Velcro compression wrap that fits on the leg with three simple closures.
  • Its one-piece design makes it easy to put on, take off, and store.

Medical efficacy:

  • VitalWrap™’s graduated compression provides more compression at the outermost extremity, encouraging fluid circulation.
  • As a compression wrap for oedema, VitalWrap™ promotes circulation in the veins.
  • As a compression wrap for lymphedema, VitalWrap™ promotes circulation in the lymphatic system.
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