Woven healthcare innovation

ISKO+Health is an MDR compliant, research-and-development company that specializes in technical fabrics. With over 10 years of experience in healthcare research, our specific medical focus draws from decades of expertise in the textile industry. Our woven technology solutions deliver better performing products that are washable, reusable, durable, and sustainable for business and the environment.

Quality Management System

ISKO+Health’s Quality Management System ensures that regulatory processes are in place from product development through customer service. It provides an overarching system for the design and manufacture of our medical products, and it helps us deliver the best possible service to our customers. In place since 2020, our Quality Management System is compliant with medical device regulations under the EU MDR and ISO 13485.

Research and Technology

The research and development team at ISKO+Health consists of textile engineers, physicists, and scientists. The team specialises in technical fabric innovations and excels in garment development, testing, and analysis. Our extensive laboratory is equipped with machinery for applying high-performance finishes, testing textile performance, and ensuring compliance.

Under one roof

Our medical product specialisation comes from decades of expertise in the textile industry. Thanks to our sister company’s 100-year heritage, ISKO+Health benefits from total vertical operation. We develop our own yarns, produce our own fabrics, and create our own textile-based medical devices in-house. Our self-sufficient operations let us custom develop, test, and prototype quickly, and our quality control comes with full traceability.

Partnership Networks

ISKO+Health is part of Sanko Group and affiliated with the Sanko University Hospital in Turkey. We have a partnership with the University of Applied Sciences, Saxion in the Netherlands, which helps us connect with the market and advance the technology readiness level of our products. We work on the European level with the NEN Dutch Standardization Institute to meet medical product guidelines, and we’re a premium sponsor of the International Compression Club (ICC).