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Washable, reusable, and strong

ISKO+Health medical gowns are safer and more environmentally and economically sustainable than disposable gowns. Our strong woven garments are tear-proof, and our high performance gowns provide a moisture barrier against microbial penetration. Unlike non-woven disposable gowns, all ISKO+Health gowns are reusable and can be washed up to 100 times. They are made from recycled and recyclable materials and are EN 13795 compliant.

Lower long-term costs

Comparing disposable medical gowns with reusable gowns reveals a large cost discrepancy. A study performed by the Radboud University Medical Center in the Netherlands shows that reusable gowns cost 25% less than disposable gowns over the span of 100 uses, or €0.50 less per use. A hospital using 100,000 gowns per year can save €50,000 annually by switching from disposable to reusable gowns.

Better performance

ISKO+Health gowns can be washed up to 100 times, beyond the industry standard. After 100 washes, our reusable gowns are twice as strong in tensile tests and eight times stronger in bursting tests. These fabrics will not accidentally tear during use, ensuring greater safety for doctors and patients alike. All ISKO+Health medical gowns have a barrier for wet and dry microbial penetration and will not lint.

More sustainable

A Life Cycle Analysis study conducted by Environmental Clarity, Inc. in the United States compared the life cycle of reusable and disposable surgical gowns and concluded that reusable gowns lower solid waste generation by 83% at healthcare facilities. The study also showed significant decreases in energy use (64%), CO2 emissions (66%), and water consumption (87%). ISKO+Health gowns are also recyclable and made from recycled fibres.